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Helping Hands Program

The Helping Hands & Living the Mission Program was established to provide assistance to employees during difficult times/situations. As employees, we are the ones who lend an ear or helping hand, offer a friendly smile or say a kind word to residents every day.


However, sometimes we need help or we have a co-worker that needs help. As a part of our servant attitude and “Christ-Centered Service to Seniors and Each Other,” we are able to help each other through this program. There are two parts to the program: the first is the Helping Hands Assistance Fund which provides monetary assistance to pay expenses on behalf of the current employee. The second part is the Paid Time-Off Assistance program which provides assistance to pay a portion of unpaid time-off during an unexpected medical leave or family crisis where PTO or short-term income in not available.

Helping Hands Program


Apply for Help:

Helping Hands Program Guidelines

Helping Hands PTO Assistance Request Form

Helping Hands Bill Assistance Request Form-If applying for assistance with a bill upload the required documents in your request form:

- Invoice/full lease (if applying for rental assistance)

W-9 Form (filled out by vendor/landlord)



 Helping Hands PTO Donation Form (Electronic)

• Immanuel Community Foundation Donation Form (Electronic)

Access Discount Program

Access discounts using a desktop or mobile app for local discounts, hotel discounts, theme parks, car rentals, shopping deals and much more!!


​Additional Discounts:

Associate Discount Program

Adoption Assistance

Adoption is an exciting time for families, and Immanuel wants to support employees and their families as they proceed through the process. We recognize that long with the joy, the adoption process can also be stressful and require a financial commitment. Immanuel offers The Adoption Assistance program to provide financial assistance to help cover some of the costs of legally adopting a child as well as emotional support through the EAP.


Immanuel will reimburse eligible adoption expenses up to $3,000 per eligible adoption, up to two adoptions.

Adoption Assistance
Immanuel Continuing Education Assistance Program (ICEAP)
Pet Insurance
Volunteer Time Off
Continuing Education

Pet Insurance

Pets are an important part of the family, and they deserve quality veterinary care so they can live full, happy lives. With pet insurance, you get help offsetting the cost of care for more than 6,400 covered medical treatments and services. Here are some plan highlights:

  • There are three reimbursement options available so you can find coverage that fits your budget. ​​

  • You can keep your vet. 

  • You'll have access to a 24/7 emergency hotline. Speak with veterinary professionals anytime through Vethelpline, a service free to Nationwide pet insurance members (a $110 value). Get live help via phone, chat and email with any pet health concern, including identifying urgent care needs.

Enroll Here!

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

Our mission is “Christ-Centered Service to Seniors, Each Other, and the Community”. We encourage employees to model this through service in the community. All full-time employees (scheduled 28 hours or more) will earn 1 day (up to 8 hours) of VTO per calendar year. If starting 07/01 or after this will be 4 hours.

This VTO may be taken in half (4 hours) or full (8 hours) day increments and is paid at the employee’s regular rate of pay.

Examples of appropriate uses of VTO include:

• Volunteering at a food bank

• Cleaning up a park or trail • Serving as a mentor or coach through a mentorship program

• Volunteering at a local hospital

• Volunteering at a school


Manager How to Approve VTO

How to Request VTO


Holidays, and Floating Holidays

Immanuel Recognizes the Following Holidays:

• New Year’s Day (January 1)

• Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

• Juneteenth (June 19)

• Independence Day (July 4)

• Labor Day (First Monday in September)

• Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday in November)

• Christmas (December 25)


In addition, eligible employees receive up to two floating holidays. If you are a new hire and your hire date is January 1 – June 30, you receive two floating holidays. If your hire date is July 1 – December 31, you will receive one floating holiday. Floating holidays are taken in 8-hour increments and must be used in the year in which they are earned. They will not be carried over or paid out if the employee becomes non-benefit eligible or at separation of employment. Floating holidays may be taken by employees on any date or for any reason, as long as approved by their manager. Requests for time-off are submitted by the employee via UKG.

Paid Time-Off Accrual

Paid time-off begins accruing upon start date for full-time employees and is accrued each pay period and may be used as accrued or saved. A complete chart of accruals, total days per year, and years of service is available and explains how accrual works for each FTE status and non-exempt and exempt employees. The Paid Time-Off Accrual Chart is located in UKG under My Company then Company Info or in the HealthJoy App.

Identity Theft

To protect you from this devastating loss of time, money and security, Reliance Standard and your employer have provided you with InfoArmor® Identity Protection. InfoArmor®’s comprehensive recovery services will go the extra mile should you or a member of your family experience fraud.

Enroll Here!

Benefit Exit Summary

Are you leaving Immanuel or no longer benefit eligible? See the Benefit Exit Summary Sheet on how this impacts your benefit coverage.

Identity Theft

As part of the Immanuel family, your continued personal development is extremely important to us. We strive to continue to grow as an organization and continued employee development is a key element to that growth. Education assistance is one avenue to provide this ongoing development. The Continuing Education Assistance Program will provide up to a maximum of $5,250 per calendar year for tuition, fees, and registration expenses. Individual courses must be part of a continuing education and developmental program. This does not include the cost of books or late and penalty fees. Eligible participants must have 6 months of service with Immanuel. Documented covered expenses will be paid to the employee upon approval of the course or certification (on the next pay check).

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