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Helping Hands Program

Helping Hands Program


Apply for Help:

Helping Hands Program Guidelines

Helping Hands PTO Assistance Request Form

Helping Hands Bill Assistance Request Form-If applying for assistance with a bill upload the required documents in your request form:

- Invoice/full lease (if applying for rental assistance)

W-9 Form (filled out by vendor/landlord)



 Helping Hands PTO Donation Form (Electronic)

• Immanuel Community Foundation Donation Form (Electronic)

Associate Discount Program

Access Discount Program

Access discounts using a desktop or mobile app for local discounts, hotel discounts, theme parks, car rentals, shopping deals and much more!!

Adoption Assistance

Adoption is an exciting time for families, and Immanuel wants to support employees and their families as they proceed through the process. We recognize that long with the joy, the adoption process can also be stressful and require a financial commitment. Immanuel offers The Adoption Assistance program to provide financial assistance to help cover some of the costs of legally adopting a child as well as emotional support through the EAP.


Immanuel will reimburse eligible adoption expenses up to $3,000 per eligible adoption, up to two adoptions.

Pet Insurance

Pets are an important part of the family, and they deserve quality veterinary care so they can live full, happy lives. With pet insurance, you get help offsetting the cost of care for more than 6,400 covered medical treatments and services. Here are some plan highlights:

  • There are three reimbursement options available so you can find coverage that fits your budget. ​​

  • You can keep your vet. 

  • You'll have access to a 24/7 emergency hotline. Speak with veterinary professionals anytime through Vethelpline, a service free to Nationwide pet insurance members (a $110 value). Get live help via phone, chat and email with any pet health concern, including identifying urgent care needs.

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Adoption Assistance
Pet Insurance
Volunteer Time Off
Continuing Education
Immanuel Continuing Education Assistance Program (ICEAP)

Identity Theft

To protect you from this devastating loss of time, money and security, Reliance Standard and your employer have provided you with InfoArmor® Identity Protection. InfoArmor®’s comprehensive recovery services will go the extra mile should you or a member of your family experience fraud.

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Benefit Exit Summary

Are you leaving Immanuel or no longer benefit eligible? See the Benefit Exit Summary Sheet on how this impacts your benefit coverage.

Identity Theft
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