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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll in benefits as a New Hire or Recently Benefit Eligible?
    Do a self-guided enrollment through UKG (click for how to guide) or call the benefit enrollment center at 888-598-2040 (Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm). Visit the "Enrollment and FAQ" page for more resources.
  • When do my benefits start?
    Benefits start first of the month following 30 days (based on your start date or status date of going full-time)
  • Can I make changes to my benefits during the year?
    You can only make changes during the year (outside of the annual Open Enrollment period) if you experience a qualifying event or family status change. These include: A change in marital status A change in number of dependents (birth or adoption) A change in your eligibility status (i.e., full-time to part-time); A change in your spouse’s/domestic partner’s benefits or employment status that results in a loss or gain of coverage; or You become eligible for Medicare. If you experience a qualifying life event, you must notify Human Resources within 30 days to be eligible to make changes to your benefits. If you fail to do so, you will be required to wait until the next annual Open Enrollment period to update your benefits.
  • How do I change my benefits if I've had a Qualified Life Event?
    You are able to make changes outside annual benefit enrollment if you had an IRS qualified life event (QLE). Examples of this are a martial change, birth/adoption of child, spouse/dependent lost/gained coverage, or had a death of a dependent within the last 30 days. You will need to submit proper documentation showing proof of your QLE. Please make sure everything is submitted within 30 days of the life event happening. In order to submit we do need documentation uploaded into UKG, fax to 402-829-2963 or email Visit the "Enrollment and FAQ" page for more resources.
  • When can I cancel a benefit?
    You may only change or cancel benefits during the year if you experience a qualifying life event (see above). Otherwise, you must wait until the Open Enrollment period to change your benefits elections, which will become effective the following Jan. 1.
  • How long will my benefits last if I leave my job?
    If you recently left Immanuel, your employer-sponsored benefits will end, Please see this document for specifics!
  • How do I upload documents for dependent verification?
    Upload to UKG documents.
  • I'm having troubles with adding a dependent in UKG.
    Be sure the dependent is marked as a dependent. Also check the dependent has a SSN number in, their date of birth, their gender and be listed a qualified dependent (ie spouse, child, step-child, etc.).
  • Which benefits are fully paid by Immanuel?
    Immanuel pays the full cost of the following benefits for all eligible employees: - Basic Life and AD&D Insurance - Short-Term Disability - Long-Term Disability
  • What is the coverage amount for basic life insurance?
    Through the basic life insurance benefit paid for by Immanuel, your coverage is equal to 100% of your base salary, up to a maximum benefit of $400,000. Coverage is provided at no cost to you, and you are automatically enrolled even if you don’t elect to participate in our sponsored health insurance plans. If you choose to purchase additional (voluntary) life insurance for yourself, you may also purchase coverage for your spouse or domestic partner and dependent children.
  • Can my family members use HealthJoy EAP?
    Yes, EAP includes your spouse and child.
  • How do I file a Leave of Absence, Disability or Supplemental Health Claim?
    To improve your claims experience, your employer has contracted with Reliance Matrix to administer its Short Term Disability (STD), Long Term Disability (LTD), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Supplemental Health benefits programs (Group Accident, Hospital Indemnity and Critical Illness). To file a lave or for disability go to For more information:
  • Do I need to go through underwriting if I want to add or increase life insurance coverage?
    New employees who elect voluntary life insurance have guaranteed issue amounts as follows: Employee: $200,000 Spouse: $100,000 Children: $10,000 Amounts over the guaranteed issue will require evidence of insurability. During Open Enrollment, you may add or increase coverage for yourself or your dependents by one benefit increment (not to exceed the maximum benefit allowed) without proof of good health. New or additional coverage that exceeds one benefit increment is subject to evidence of insurability.
  • What does accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity insurance cover?
    Accident insurance is designed to help you pay for costs you may incur after an accidental injury. This benefit is paid regardless of any other insurance coverage you might have, including health insurance. Critical Illness insurance pays you a one-time fixed benefit if you are diagnosed with an eligible medical condition. You can use the funds to pay for anything you like, from deductibles and copays to home health care or childcare. Hospital Indemnity insurance pays a cash benefit directly to you if you are admitted to the hospital for a covered inpatient stay — no matter the reason. Benefits are paid in a lump sum, and amounts are fixed and determined by your policy, regardless of the amount of expenses incurred.
  • How do I file a claim for accident, critical illness or hospital indemnity insurance?
    To file your claim directly on the web, just go to If you’re accessing our web portal for the first time, you will need to set up an account. If you don’t have internet access, you can call (877) 202-0055. Be ready to provide your personal, job, illness/injury and provider information. Finally, you can download the Matrix eServices Mobile App by searching Matrix eServices Mobile in your smartphone or tablet’s app store (iOS or Android). Within 24 hours of requesting leave, you will receive an absence packet explaining what (if any) additional documentation is needed. If you file a claim for Accident and are also enrolled in Critical Illness or Hospital, Matrix will coordinate any benefit payout automatically for all plans you are enrolled in.
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