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Basic Life and AD&D Insurance
Administered by Reliance Standard




Financial protection for the ones you love


While it can be hard to think about, it’s important to consider what would happen to your loved ones if you were seriously injured or suddenly passed away. Could they pay off your debts? Afford the mortgage or college tuition? To make sure you and your family have financial protection, Immanuel provides basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance to eligible employees.

Basic Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your spouse/domestic partner and your children from the potentially devastating financial losses that could result if something happened to you. It provides financial security, helps to pay off debts, helps to pay living expenses and helps to pay any medical or final expenses. 

The basic life insurance coverage provided by Immanuel can deliver money when your loved ones need it most. Upon your death, your beneficiaries will receive your policy payout immediately. And that death benefit is generally not subject to federal income taxes.

In 2024, your basic life insurance coverage:

  • Equals 100% of your base salary up to a maximum benefit of $400,000.

  • Is provided at no cost to you. You are automatically enrolled even if you don’t elect health insurance coverage.

  • May be increased if you elect to purchase increments of voluntary life insurance. If you do, you may also purchase life insurance for your spouse/domestic partner and your dependent children.


AD&D Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance is part of your basic life insurance and provides specified benefits for a covered accidental bodily injury that directly causes the loss of a hand, foot or eye.


In the event that death occurs from an accident, 100 percent of the AD&D benefit is payable to your beneficiaries.



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